When COVID began, I was disheartened by my break on the pottery wheel. After a week or so past, I figured that sitting around in my house wasn’t going to magically make a pottery wheel, studio or even an art medium magically appear. Thus, I dove into the best “at home” medium that fit into my starving artist budget— paper and pencil. I began drawing some of the anime that my friends in Atlanta referred me to. From here, I bought a iPad and the student priced adobe workshops. With anime line-work as a prelude, I began drawing portraits of black celebrities and even a self portrait. Though this isn’t my preferred medium by any means, I know it will add to my arts’ repertoire.
These are the only portraits I have done to date. That being said, the Rihanna portrait is the most recent, and I’m excited to continue to add to the collection of black artists.​​​​​​​
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