Elegant Chaos is a 16-part series. This is a preview of some test pieces...
I've always found a particular disgust with the phrase, "You're a product of your environment." I've found, rather, that we wear our environment unconscious of the agency we have. 
Traveling much of my daily life by foot/skateboard, I've grown accustomed to a constant state of motion as well as an influx of ideas. I've lived in nine cities in the past decade however the largest difficulty has never been physical challenges or manifestations; it's been disciplining my mind to not entertain unproductive thoughts. 
Though it begins silent, I've regularly watched my mind race the closer I get to completing a vessel. Despite listening to intrusive thoughts or the urge to alter the form I aim to maintain composure as the vessel towers above me. 
These realizations facilitate and inspire my practice. 
Each vessel references a chess piece while drawing inspiration from the human body. Narrow necks and endings are meant to symbolize our tendency to limit the dissonant information we consume. 
I've observed we live in a world where individuality is subjugated to mental conditioning. Subsequently, degradation of the self ensues a perceived loss of agency. 
I hope that my work percolates curiosities of the conditioning you were subject to without your consent.   

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